Nadar Rosano

About the Choreographer

Nadar Rosano is a dancer, independent choreographer,  presently lives in Tel-Aviv.


His work has been presented in Spain, Lithuania, Cyprus,  Israel, Korea, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Holland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Rumania and Switzerland .
As an award winning dancer and choreographer he received second prize in the 21st International Dance Competition for Choreography in Hanover, Germany & second prize at the International Dance Competition in Dusseldorf Germany. In the International Festival of Choreographic Miniatures in Belgrade, Serbia he received an honorable mention. he advanced to the finals in the 'No Ballet' dance competition.


In 2010-11 he received special grants from the Danish Art Foundation "Ballet Master Albert Gaubier's"  for support and development of is work. He also received a DV-8 grant for choreography.

In 2011 He danced for the Deutsche Oper, in Berlin and been invited to  16MASDANZA 2011  the international contemporary dance festival of the Canary Islands, Spain.
As an educator he is presently teaching release technique workshops and contemporary dance in Israel, Spain, Lithuania, Switzerland Tanz-house Zurich, Portugal, Cyprus, Germany, Rumania, U.S.A and Poland.


'OFF-LINE' Nadar's latest creation 2012 was perform in Israel ,Cyprus and invited to present in Bezel the ROXY theater and "Zurich move!2013 festival", Switzerland, Berlin Germany, Kaunas Lithuania, PTT  Poznan, Santa Barbara/United States(2014).OFF-LINE got invited out of 250 applicants to Participate in NO Ballet choreography competition Ludwigshafen, Germany 2013. The piece rewarded with the third place

2013 Rosano have been invited by the International Artist Razvan Mazilu to create a full evening solo piece for Odeon Theatre in Bucharest, in addition to for that he is invited to Polish Dance Theatre in Poznan to create a new piece which will premiere in April 2014.


'ASPHALT' Nadar's new creation invited by" Curtain Up" Dance Festival in Israel support by the Dance department  of the Israeli state as well as a Honorable Grant support by Danish Art Foundation "Ballet Master Albert Gaubier's" and Tel Aviv.


Lectures and workshops



The class is based on release technique. It emphasizes the flow of movement, spatial awareness, expands physical abilities and also serves to strengthen the dancer’s body

During the class we will experience our bodies feeling state, emotions, senses and harness the potential within these elements. Other ideas integrated into the class are that of listening, expanding dynamic range, and gaining belief and confidence in oneself

The class begins on the ground with an exercise that combines release technique with floor work. It facilitates discovering the connections between the feet, the pelvis and the apex. We will also incorporate yoga with the intent to improve balance, elasticity, and awaken our breathing system

Stand and Search
Standing and searching in space for the physical connections from the feet to the head, and the ability to release and collapse through the use of body edge release and breath

Movement & Dynamic Range
We will search for and discover an easeful way of moving through space with an intent that integrates power with lightness with a keen awareness of the surrounding space

Body Extremities
We will use the extremities of the body to create a motion initiated from “outside in” and “inside out.” This type of work allows the body to be fully present in a dynamic soft yet strong way

Towards the final phase of the class we will learn a movement combination that deals with the main subject of the class: an emphasis on musicality, release, and the joy of movement. Together we will tap into what exists within us all and realize the great potential that exists within us as dancers and moving being


The workshop is based on Release Technique, which emphasis the flow movement in order to strengthen dancer's body, develop awareness to the space around us and the endless physical abilities of the body

During the class we will experience our body as a whole which includes emotions, senses, desires, imagination, instinct and freedom. We will be inspired from images that will lead us into a deep and multiple layers of essence

We will feel our body charged and loaded but the external dynamic changes its tempo from slowness to rapidness from weakness to outburst.

It is very important for me that the students will feel excited and comfort during the workshop, and in the assistance of the supported and intriguing environment to develop a deep and fun contact physicality work. The work with a partner enables the dancer to open his mind to new abilities of dance and to a deeper sensitivity towards the outer and inner world

The lessons are based on extensive knowledge of Yoga technique and from my experience in contemporary dance
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