Yoram Karmi

About the Choreographer

Artistic Director and Choreographer of the Fresco – Yoram Karmi Dance Company.

Born in Israel, Yoram Karmi holds a B.A. in dance from the Kibbuzim College of Education (1994). Yoram studied psychology and education in the Tel-Aviv University, and is the former soloist of Moshe Efrati's Kol Demama Dance Company. He attended the London Laban Center, and danced in various projects in Israel and abroad.

As an artist, he won the second place in the 1997 Shades in Dance competition for his work Looking Glass, and in 1999 won the silver medal for his work in a dance festival in China. He is a teacher in the Kibbutzim College of Education's Dance School, in Studio B, in dance seminars throughout Israel, and also teaches in different programs abroad.

In 2002, he founded the Fresco – Yoram Karmi Dance Company.
The concept underlying the Company's creative process is a belief in movement as an art-form capable of expressing concepts, emotions and thoughts. The company makes minimal use of other art fields such as video, text etc., in order to provide the audience with the cleanest possible movement experience.
In 2006, the Company was adopted by the City of Holon, and it currently operates under its auspices.

The group has two active dance ensembles, and it performs several dance performance concurrently, for general audiences and students of all ages.
Since its founding, the group has been regularly performing throughout Israel and abroad.

List of running shows:

Particle Accelerator
A 60-minute work for 9 dancers

A work consisting of duets of up to 10 minutes each.
Program duration: 60 minutes

A short humorous piece for 5 dancers, with a duration of 50 minutes. A 30-minute show is also possible

Dancing with Live Music
A theatrical and humorous live music and dance piece, with 5 dancers and 2 musicians

An original innovative adaptation of the famous piece, with 9 dancers. Duration: 55 minutes

Dancers Create
A special project sponsored by the Fresco Dance Company. The program consists of fresh debut pieces by dancers who are also young artists

Children Shows:

Around the World
Based on Jules Verne's novel. A show for children and youth, with 7 dancers and 2 actors.
Duration: 60 minutes.

One Thousand and One Nights
A show for children and youth, with 7 dancers and an actress.
Duration: 55 minutes

The Emperor's Cloths
A show for children and youth, with 7 dancers and an actor.
Duration: 55 minutes

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