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About the Choreographer

Ruth Eshel, Haa’retz: “… Ronit Ziv is a dancer and an actor that is funny and strong, thorough and superficial. She is an experienced performer, who can do whatever she feels like. She is convincing by her direct statement, moving freely and skillfully from acting to dancing…"

The Ronit Ziv Dance Group was founded in 1999 by Ronit Ziv, a choreographer, dancer, and the co-artistic director of the "Curtain Up" festival in 2010 - 2013 at Suzanne Dallal, Tel-Aviv.


Ronit established her first place in the Israeli dance world with her first work, Rose Can't wait, which won first prize in Suzanne Della 1999 Shades in Dance competition, and at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance Choreography Competition. `Rose can't wait` was invited to perform at the Pina Bausch Festival and to appear with Galili Dance Company.


Ronit Ziv is an co-artistic director of `Curtain up festival`2010-2013, For the past fifteen  years she has been working as an independent artistic creator. Ronit has choreographed for numerous companies, including Galili Dance in Holland, the Batsheva Ensemble CNDC l`esquisse, Campania Instavel and more, Ronit has been invited to hold workshops in Russia, Italy, Portugal, Germany and France.


Ronit studied M.A. degree in the research of the performance arts at the Tel-Aviv University. She holds a BA in dance and movement from the outstanding student track at the Kibbutzim College of Education School for Theatre Arts and Dance She studied drama at the Beit Zvi Academy of Performing Arts. She is being invited to leads master classes and workshops in Israel and around the world. Ronit won on the 2002 and 2005 Minister of Culture Award for young choreographers. Ronit also, involved in collaboration with directors and choreographers from Israel and Europe.


Ronit Ziv, Choreographer and artistic director.

Mobile: +972 (0)52 5743377

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Lectures and workshops

Workshops with Ronit Ziv.

Ronit teach composition with a special emphasis on the relation between the dramatic elements of dance and performance composition. She has created a series of workshops:

1." can I ask you something personal"

During the workshop we touch the personal and the documentary by using video and trying to catch a special moment one a bout the other. The workshop is leading at the end to a public presentation.

2/ "Shooting"

During the workshop we examine the connection between a pause and a movement and what lay between a picture and a movement.

3/ "from text to choreography"

The workshop examined different ways to interpret dramatic text into movement. We work with a contemporary text such as "Hamlet Machine" by Heiner Muller.



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