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The Choreographers Association was launched in 1998 by a number of independent choreographers whose common goal is to expose and promote their personal creations in Israel and to reach out with their work anywhere in the world.



The association aims to encourage original quality work, to place a current view of the local dance scene and to help to create a peaceful life for the artists themselves.



Today, the organization is proud to include 80 artists.  Among its members are the majority of the independent dance choreographers working in Israel. The dozens of artists who make up the association have extensive professional experience in the field of artistic dance


In our website you will find general information about our Association as well as a list of all the choreographers and association members and their contact information, and international performances schedule.


We invite you to join the circle of friends and supporters of the Israeli Choreographers Association. Your donation will help our choreographers to continue to create and perform, to make their art accessible also to the peripheries, to present their craft abroad and to enjoy enrichment programs and scholarships.


Have a fun visit.

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