Mission Statement

The Choreographers’ Association is a non-profit organisation for leading creators with extensive professional experience in the field of dance in Israel.

The association aims to encourage quality original works, to enhance the status of dance in Israel, to broaden the dance lover audience, and to aid the members of the association in performing throughout Israel and abroad.

The association acts to promote the personal creation of its members, to improve the welfare and working conditions of choreographers in Israel, while conducting in full transparency and providing equal opportunities to all its members.

The association constitutes a unionized and representative force in dealing with the establishments. The association aims to create a set of norms and values in Israeli culture and is an active, critical and enterprising force.


  • Legal aid.
  • Business consultation.
  • Financial support from the Ministry of Culture.
  • Insurance subsidizing.
  • Overseeing governmental relations and grants applications.
  • Finance management including bookkeeping and accounting.
  • Updates and submissions.
  • Special prices for halls and studios rental.
  • Members only price for the association’s studio rental.
  • Subsidizing Facebook digital marketing campaign.
  • Subsidizing PR and marketing service.
  • Subsidizing monthly studio hours.
  • Subsidizing airlines fares.
  • Subsidizing submissions and calls for projects.
  • Becoming a part of a dance and movement creators’ community.

Board of Directors

Chairwoman – DR. Yael (Yali) Nativ

Yael (Yali) Nativ is a Dance education researcher, specializing in the sociological and anthropological context. She is a senior lecturer at the Academic College of Society and Art (ASA), Education and Musical Education faculties at Levinsky college of Education, and a member of staff of the Online Art Education at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, USA. She has a PHD from the school of Education at the Hebrew university, Jerusalem, a Master’s degree in Creative Art and Education from San Francisco University, a bachelor degree in Choreography from Paris Sorbonne University and a Dance and Movement Teaching Diploma from the Kibbutzim college of Education. Her teaching and writing fields include art education, sociology of the body, performance, dance and arts; Israeli society and culture and dance education. Nativ is a member of the high professional committee advising on dance supervision for the Ministry of Education, a former member of the dance advisory section for the Ministry of Culture and Sports and a co-founder of the Israeli society of dance research. Her book “Fractured Freedom: Body, Gender and Ideology in Dance Education in Israel” co-written with Dr. Hodel Ophir was published in the Gender Series of 2016 by Kibbutz-Poalim. It introduces her PHD research concerning teenage girl dances in dance classes in Israeli high schools. Her current research focuses on stage performing aging professional dancers and the dancing body experience. Native lectures regularly on dance and society in various forums and platforms locally and internationally.

Tzila Rozenblum

A member of the Choreographers’ Association board of directors since 2018. Specializing in advertising, branding, event production and design. She spent most of her career at Ha’Poelim Bank: managing the Bank’s advertising for 12 years – from advertising campaigns, TV ads, print publication, radio, local radio – collaborating with advertising agencies. She had major involvement in the Bank’s branding, marketing, designing clients’ direct marketing publication and branches leaflets. She also managed over 400 of the bank’s events. These required her to be innovative, creative and updated, as quoted “if a bank is a ‘square organization’, I was lucky to deal with creativity”. Her previous position at the Ministry of Finance included spokesperson for financial affairs at Jerusalem Municipality and the tourism bureau manager.


Hagit Ne’eman

Hagit Ne’eman holds a bachelor’s and master degrees in Law (LLM) from Tel Aviv University. She is a graduate of the Advanced Management Program at Harvard University’s business school. A member of the Israeli Bar Association. Between 1983-2014 she served as senior VCEO and board member at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange LTD as a legal counselor, director of the legal department and company secretary.

Since 2015 Hagit has been volunteering at the center for legal rights of the Tel Aviv municipality at Ha’tikva neighborhood’s welfare branch, giving counseling with welfare rights. Also since 2015 she is a committee member advising the Bank of Israel in matters concerning banking deals and legislations. Since January 2018 serves on the board of the Choreographers’ Association.


Revital Ben-Asher Peretz

Revital Ben-Asher Pertz, advisor to the Mayor of Tel Aviv and public representative of the Culture bureau at the municipality. Social, group based and long term Museal Project Treasurer at the Petach Tikva art museum, Tel Aviv museum of art, Beit Benyamini and Chelouche Gallery for Contemporary Art. Art academy lecturer and the founder of adult art studies art studio at the Tel Aviv Artist House. Revital is a member of the director’s board at the Cameri Theater, the Hanoch Levin Institute of Israeli Drama (NPO), the Israeli Opera House, the Tel Aviv Artists House, the Choreographers Association, Batsheva Dance Company, Liebling Haus – White City Center, The Israel Designer Craftsmen’s Association, The Israel Ceramic Artists Association, Center for Contemporary Art. She is also a residing judge at the art, design and dance awards committee for the Ministry of Culture.

Composing partner for the Cultural vision for Tel Aviv municipality. A member of The Independence Trail public board in Tel Aviv.

Yosi Levi

Yosi Levi had high ranking positions in financial organizations, in which he was the CEO of two leading financial investment companies and a VCEO at the Israeli Stock Exchange. Currently he is a lecturer of finance at the Hebrew University, Ben Gurion University and at the Academic college of Tel Aviv–Jaffa. Furthermore, he provides risk management, regulation, supervision and control consultation for financial organizations, via Correct Inc, the company he co-manages.

External Auditor – Gilad Kedmi 

Accountant Gilad Kedmi, partner and founder of Kedmi-Alhanaty CPA office. Founded in 1994 the office specializes in the voluntary sector: audits, external reviews, financial reports, audits for governmental inspection and regulators, annual reviews, financial allocation etc.

Internal Auditor – Daniel Freitag

A certified accountant since 1985 and obtained a B.A in social studies from the Hebrew university in Jerusalem. He has a certified diploma in Internal Audit and local municipalities and public institutions audits from the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel and Israeli Internal Audits organization. A member of the IIA. Manages Daniel Freitag and Co CPA office, established 1990, specializing in internal audit, investigative review, payment review and risk management.

Serving as an internal auditor for several publicly traded companies, local authorities, statutory authorities, Kibbutz, societies and public institution such as: Equital LTD, PLRM Industries, the Cameri Theatre, Tel Aviv municipality, OTZMA – Israeli Centre for sport clubs, Ayelet – Israeli association form competitive non-Olympic sport, Association of Israelis of Central European Origin, Bet Morashah bi-Yerushalayim and more.

Our Team

Sharon Bar Lev


Graduated with distinction from Tel Aviv University with an M.A. in Public Policy.

Graduated with distinction from The Kibbutzim College with a B.ED degree in theater teaching and directing.

Amit Hadari

Production manager & members relations 

Rotterdam Dance Academy, the Netherlands.

Graduated from Tel Aviv University with B.A. in Fine Art and Cinema from the interdisciplinary arts program.

French Language and Cultural studies, University of Paris IV (Sorbonne), France.


Ruth Verlinskyy

Head accountant

Bachelor of accounting (Ukraine), type 3 Bookkeeping

Ministry of Labor license for factory and industrial budget management.


Ayala Shtain

Suppliers’ accounts manager

Bookkeeping studies type 1+2


Yifat Mechoulam

Office manager


Team category 1

Yael Nativ

Yael Nativ

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Team category 1

Shay Bar Nir

Shay Bar Nir

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Team category 3

Sharon Bar Lev

Sharon Bar Lev


בוגרת בהצטיינות תואר M.A במדיניות ציבורית אוניברסיטת תל אביב.
בוגרת בהצטיינות תואר B.ED לבימוי והוראת תיאטרון בסמינר הקיבוצים.

Tal Heichman

Tal Heichman

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